Laurie Styron

Accountant / Non-Profit Financial Analyst, Non-Profit Organization Management

Promoting Intelligent Giving & Helping Charities Accomplish More

Laurie Styron's Bio:

Laurie Styron is a financial analyst and accounting consultant with nearly 17 years of experience in the non-profit sector. Laurie has dedicated her career to helping charities improve their governance, financial reporting, and public accountability, and to helping donors, corporate sponsors, foundations, and other funders vet charities and make better-informed giving decisions.


Laurie has worked with a wide range of media outlets on investigative pieces involving non-profits, conducting research and financial analysis, and providing interviews for both television and radio as well as print/online publications. These include ABC, CBS, NBC Nightly News, FOX, CNN, WGN, 60 Minutes, Good Morning America, the Wall Street Journal, the Los Angeles Times, MarketWatch, the Washington Post, and more. [Click "Links" navigation, above, for examples]. 


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Laurie's services to grant-making foundations and individual donors focus on helping these funders vet specific charities for good governance and financial efficiency to maximize the impact of their grants and charitable donations. Laurie performs in-depth analyses of audited financial statements, tax forms, and other charity reporting documents and produces customized reports detailing governance practices, financial efficiency, and other information relevant to grant-making decisions. 


Laurie also offers a wide range of services to charities. These focus on developing and streamlining internal processes and procedures to maximize organizational efficiency, improve governance through the implementation of internal controls and sector best practices, and compiling financial and other data for internal and external financial reporting. 


Laurie is a CPA candidate with an expected licensing date in 2018. She has extensive experience in IRS Form 990 tax reporting, financial statement compilation for external auditors, as well as state-level reporting and regulatory requirements. 

Laurie Styron's Experience:

  • Accountant / Partner at Styron Consulting, LLC

Laurie Styron's Interests & Activities:

Charities, Accounting, Financial Analysis, Nonprofits